Friday, September 13, 2013

That One Pair of Jeans...

So I have a pair of jeans.

When I bought these jeans a few years ago, they fit well.

Then they fit not so well.

Eventually, they didn't fit at all.

Our first jean day after our summer vacation was the day I learned I couldn't even pull these jeans up over my butt.  I sighed, folded the jeans back up, and put something else on.  There those jeans sat for the last two years.  Every once in a while I would forget that those jeans didn't fit, take them out of my dresser and try to put them on again.

Every time I just folded them back up and put them away.

Today was our dress down / jeans day.  Of course, this morning I woke up late and had to rush around trying to not be late for work.  I opened up my dresser searching for a pair of jeans to wear.  Folded up in my drawer were those jeans.  Same place I have left them for the last two years.  I didn't even realize it.  I threw the jeans on, threw on a shirt, grabbed my keys and quickly headed to work.  It wasn't  until a red light 15 minutes away from my house that I looked down and realized what I was wearing.

It was the jeans.  The jeans that went from being regular everyday jeans to my skinny jeans.  I was in them.

And the status of the jeans had changed again. They were no longer my "skinny" jeans.

They were too big.

On Wednesday I head back to my doctor and right now I am on track to have lost at least 25 pounds since June 24.  There is a second milestone that I should hit, but I am going to save that entry for when it happens. I could run upstairs and weigh myself right now and probably already be there, but I am only counting official weigh-in days at my doctor's office.

I found myself becoming obsessed with the number on the scale.  Everyday I would weigh myself.  Sometimes multiple times a day.  Now I just trust.  I trust myself that what I am doing is working. Let the scale talk next week.

For now I am going to wear those jeans.  Soon they will be so big I will not be able to wear them.

I'm going to enjoy this moment.


  1. Wahooooooo!!!!! Way to go!!! There is no better reward for hard work than getting to go buy new jeans :) Enjoy your success and keep going!

  2. That is awesome! I have lost just over 15 pounds since the end of May and am fitting into clothes that have sat in my dresser for years too, it feels great and helps me keep up with the diet and exercise. Hope you reach all your milestones.

  3. @Jillian: I love shopping and I love that this is my reason why I have to go! :)

    @Tanya: You looked awesome when I saw you last! :) I need to come and answer your phones so you and Brooke will rub off on me! ;)