Saturday, October 19, 2013

Support is Not Just for Boobies!

It is breast cancer awareness month, so in honor of the wonderful woman in my life who are fighting and have kicked cancer's ass, I give you a boob joke.  ;)

Since my doctor put me on this ultra strict no fun diet last July, I have lost a total of 26 pounds.  If we want to go back the few years when I first started this blog, I am down a total of 45 pounds from when I was at my heaviest.

45 pounds!!!  That's a small child!!!

One of my biggest milestones happened at my last doctor's appointment where in the first time in five years I am under 200 pounds.  I'm hoping by the end of next week my BMI will be officially out of the morbid obese category, and I'm only 15- 20 pounds away from being considered healthy enough for fertility treatment.  To many woman, 15-20 pounds seems like a lot to lose.  From where I was to where I'm heading, it sounds like such a small amount in comparison.

My last few weeks I have not lost as much weight as I have in the past months.  When this happens, I begin to feel discouraged.  I'm more likely to have just one little cheat....  This time however, something amazing happened.

Everyone started coming up to me and asking what I was doing.

There is nothing that cheers a person up faster than hearing how amazing they look!

Ever since I lost a small child's worth of fat off my body, everyone wants to know how I am making it happen.  I am more than happy to share, and I always use the disclaimer, "this is what a DOCTOR told me to do."  The diet is strict, and it may not be right for everyone.  After I scare the person with the diet, I tell them the real reason why I have been successful:

My support staff.

There is no way in hell I could do this on my own.  Scroll back several years worth of blog entries and you can see my feeble attempts to get my life back!  If you really want to lose weight, and I mean REALLY want to lose weight.  You must give up on the notion that you can do it alone and accept the help and love from your own designated support staff.  Sure, maybe you can lose ten quick pounds, but unless you are willing to commit to a lifestyle change, it will not stay off.

When I say support staff, I do not mean going out and hiring some expensive Hollywood-kick-your-ass-and-only-eat-wheat-grass-trainer, I mean the people in your life that can boost you up when you are down.  The people that you can talk with, ask advice, share recipes, and give a hug when needed.  I want to share my support staff and explain why these people are the reason I am so successful!

1.)  My doctor.

When I showed up at Riverside Surgical last May, it was because I was feeling miserable and being bounced from doctor to doctor trying to figure out what the hell was wrong with me.  I was nauseous and in a lot of pain.  When the surgeon I saw said there was nothing he could do and that I would probably feel better if I quit being a fat ass (my words, not his ;) ) he referred me over to his partner saying that my health factors and BMI percentage qualified me for obesity surgery.  I was floored.  I went home frustrated, disgusted with myself, disgusted with him for not being able to help me, disgusted with the people who can eat whatever they want and not gain weight, disgusted with PCOS for making it nearly impossible to lose weight, and disgusted with every woman that does NOT have PCOS.  It was not fair.  Safe to say I was in a pretty dark place.  However, disgusted as I was, frustrated as I was, I went to what I called in my head, the "fat doctor."  As much as I dreaded this appointment and as much as I hated myself for even having to go to it, it was the best decision I could have made.

The doctor looked over my health records.  He listened to my infertile fears, he told me that I didn't need bariatric surgery because he believed I could lose the weight myself.  He became my educator and my cheerleader.  He set me up with a dietitian, talked with me about planning a diet to fight my diseases, and helped me set goals.  My appointments are short and I joke about them being my monthly "shamings", but in reality he has been supportive and understanding and human.  He understand that I am going to have a beer with friends every once in a while.  He understands that I am going to go crazy and scarf down some treats.  He understands how what we put in our body can affect our mental state and our physical overall well being.  He has taught me what I need to do to be healthy.

2.)  Myfitnesspal

Free and easy.  It keeps track of the food I eat and as a social networking site I am able to connect with friends who are in the same boat as me.  We can cheer each other on and be accountable for one another's actions.  One example was I didn't log my food intake for the day and got a text from a friend reminding me to do so.  I was in a frustrated spot, and the text reminded me that others are watching!  How can you let your friends down!!  I also love the community boards and discussions that take place by others trying to lose weight.  :)

3.)  My friends

Being told how great you look is an instant mood boaster!  Not only that, friends let you bitch and complain and know when to agree with you, when to make you laugh, and when to give out hugs when needed!  You need to tell your friends what you are doing so they can become your fan base for success.

4.)  This Blog

It's lame, I know.  :-p  I'm a horrible blogger, but having a space to type out my achievements and bitch about my setbacks is awesome.  In a few months I want to be able to cross out overweight chocoholic and write about what it is like to live a healthy life as a former fat girl!

5.)  My husband (gross mushy moment warning)

I saved my husband for last because he has been my rock throughout this whole process.  He was there when I was sick, and he told me that it would be okay when we weren't sure what was going on.  He understands my worries about never getting pregnant and lets me know that no matter what happens, we will be together.

Dave is forced to eat my experimental cooking and always claims he likes it.  He tells me I look great no matter what, he humors me when I break out one of my crazy impromptu ideas, and he loved me before I lost weight, he loved when I was going through sugar withdraw, and he loves me now.

If you wish to change your lifestyle;  not lose just weight but change your lifestyle, learn to ask for help.  Support Staffs are the key to being successful.  You just have to let them into your life!


  1. Fantastic, Kelly! I am looking to make some changes in myself, too.... Might look into this myfitnesspal of which you speak. Stay tuned. -- Pam P.

  2. This is awesome to hear! I'm so very proud of you. Congratulations for sticking to it through thick and thin....Kim J