Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday Weigh in Day or alternative title: The Day People Noticed


I was a little nervous this morning before I hopped on the scale.  See, last week was a "party week."  On Thursday we celebrated my awesome principal's achievement with a surprise party that equaled extra snacking.  Not toooooo crazy, but I still took advantage of some yummy food.   Then on Saturday my husband and I (with our second wife Suzie) attended Columbia's World Beer Festival.  If you have never been to a World Beer Festival and enjoy a good beer, make it a priority to attend one somewhere.  So much fun!

However... lots of beer... plus bad choices on snack foods due to copious amounts of beer made me think that this week wasn't going to be a good weight loss week.  However I worked out.  I attended my Water Zumba class, I've been running further and further every time I go out, and I even fit in some weight lifting to strengthen my muscles.

I figure I'd just accept that I would have to work harder next week.

So I hopped on the scale this morning... and I have lost another 2 pounds!  Keeping up with my weekly weight loss goal of 2 pounds!

So, weekly weigh in:  -2 pounds
Total weight loss since January 1, 2013: 7 pounds.

I'll take it.  :)

However, today was a different weight loss mile stone.  Today for the first time since I started my goal, people said something to me.  "You've lost weight."

Now I am not one of those people who keeps track of my inches lost.  That is a little too much work for me.  However, I have noticed that my pants are a little baggier and my wedding ring is becoming a little lose on my finger.   I'm stronger overall, and I know I've lost inches.  Now it is starting to show.

I can't help but smile.

People keep asking me, are you doing weight watchers?  Jenny Craig?  Some "pay money for quick results" gig?

I am so proud that I can say no.  I am working out.  I am making healthy choices when I choose what to eat.  I keep saying no to sweets and am keeping track of what I eat and the calories I take in.

I'm working hard.

I finally learned that there is no quick fix.  It wont magically happen and I need to keep staying focused in order to be successful.

I need to keep doing what I am doing, because it is working and I feel GREAT.

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