Saturday, January 19, 2013

I'm Addicted to Exercise

Actually I am addicted to the endorphins that come from a good work out, which I am currently high on.

That actual working out part can suck hairy donkey balls for all I care.  ;)

New running shoes... with PURPLE stripes

I have been dealing with shin splints and sore knees for the past couple of weeks, and decided to mix up my routine to help with the pain.  First I treated myself to brand new running shoes, and then I decided to mix up my exercise pattern so I wasn't doing the same thing, to the same spot, causing the same pain over and over.

On Sunday Suzie and I ralked (run + walked) the Lake Murray Dam with my wonderful husband watching and cheering us on as we ran ahead.  As gorgeous of a day it was, I just wasn't feeling good.  My legs hurt, especially my right shin. Pushing myself made me feel miserable.  It was obvious that I needed something different.

To mix things up a bit, I talked Suzie into going with me to Water Zumba  on Monday night.  That class was a lot of fun,  but I will share more on that later.  I felt great after the class.  A little tired, but nothing too bad.   However, I didn't realize how much I had really worked out my legs.  On Tuesday night I headed to the gym and tried treadmill running, but I just couldn't do it.  I could barely get myself to run for 20 seconds without having to slow the treadmill down to a walk.  Even a brisk walk was too much.  I kept myself moving at a slow pace so I could still burn some calories, but I felt extremely discouraged.  I was meeting my old enemy of too much too fast.  My brain tells me I can, my body is telling me "HELLZ NO!"

Since Water Zumba is only Monday and Wednesday nights, I decided to go to the class again Wednesday night and take Thursday and Friday off from exercising.  Thursday was a long night at work, and Friday I was just tired.  So I waited.  I gave my body a chance to recover.  I upped my protein, made a batch a larabars, and got a good night's sleep.  Which brings me to today.  The first time I ran a full mile in who knows how long.

And it felt great.

I know that mile is not much to many people, but to me it was a pretty big deal.  See, I know that since I ran one mile, I can run two.  Then three.  Then I am going to enter some 5k road races and continue to grow from there.  Maybe it's the endorphins talking, but now I know the mileage is there.  It's in me and I am going to do this.

One mile at a time.

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