Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back in the swing of things...

So I'm back from Vegas! :) I would love to tell you all about my trip, but unfortunately what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! ;) I cheat a little bit though... since this is a blog on changing to a healthy lifestyle, I tell you how I attempted to be healthy in Vegas.

Before I mentioned how I would like to get into the hotel's fitness room at some point. Unfortunately, that didn't really happen. So the only exercise I got on my trip was walking up and down the strip and jumping up and down when I thought I won something. ;) Being in Vegas, there was lack of sleep as well. Bright neon lights and free drinks tends to do that to a person.

Food however, was a different story. I pretty much chose healthier items such as salads and lowfat sandwiches. I also would exchange side items for fruit and veggies instead of scarfing down a bunch of french fries. Let me tell you... this girl likes me some french fries! As long as they aren't in front of me though, I tend to be able to refrain. :-P

So, basically the trip was no help on the year long quest. Now unfortunately I am all sniffly and sore, so it is hard getting myself back into the swing of things. As I snuggle up with my blanket and attempt to sleep off the cold, my mind is focused on orange juice and soup.

Hopefully the next report will be more successful!


  1. Colds really suck when you want to be going to the gym. I missed more than a week from the one I just had. Grr!

  2. part of the journey to a healthier lifestyle is recognizing that your won't be perfect all the time. But the fact that you still ate well in spite of being on vacation earns a kudos! Rest up, only thing working out while sick does is make you sicker! Hope you feel better soon!