Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kayak People

For as long as I have known Dave, he has been talking about how he wanted to get some kayaks. Well yesterday was the 2 year anniversary of when we started dating, so that tells you how long he has been chatting!

After years of searching and yearning... checking at prices... checking out boats in many different stores (that I was also dragged along to ;) )... Dave finally found "the deal" he was looking for.

Two Sundays ago, Dave's brother-in-law told us how he was thinking of stopping by Dick's Sporting Goods to pick up a boat. They were having a sale on all of their canoes and kayaks. Having looked in at Dick's many times before, we weren't really impressed with their selection or their prices. Dave had a particular boat in mind that he wanted, and he had a price that he didn't want to go over.

Since Dick's was on our way home, we decided to stop and check it out. Sure enough, all the Kayaks were on sale. One Kayak caught my eye, because it was the type of boat that I had been forced to look at for several months. Dave checked out the price, and it turned out that this type of kayak was being discontinued. The price was half of what he had been willing to pay. I could actually feel his excitement shaking through him. We headed home to research the boat, and sure enough it was the best price we could find.

Now, these aren't super fancy kayaks, but we aren't super fancy kayak people. As beginners, these were perfect for us. The next day we headed back to buy the boats before they were gone. Since we jumped on the sale, we didn't really have a roof rack to transfer the boats in. Luckily Dave's work car is a huge durango and we were able to shove them in the car with a the ends hanging out a bit. As long as I held onto the boats and the trunk was bungee corded down, we could move the boats.

Of course with Dave being out of town for work and me flying to Vegas, unless we used them Monday night, we would have to wait two weeks before we could go out together. Since there is a lake 15 minutes from the house, we decided to go for it.

Not realizing that road was curvy and hilly, holding on to the kayaks was a pain in the rear. Once we got to the lake I told Dave this would be our last trip without a roof rack! :-P We took the boats out on the lake and enjoyed the summer wonderful night on the water. It was great and a wonderful addition to my workout regime.

So now we are Kayak people. :-D I've already become addicted to looking up places to Kayak in the area and around the state. My hope is to go camping at a water entry campsite, either in New York or somewhere on the Outerbanks. Between the two of us we can carry enough for a weekend trip somewhere.

OH! Fun story... after driving back and tossing the boats into the garage, we realized that both our life vests were missing. We're not sure what happened... but we think they might have flown out the back of the car as we were driving home. Another reason as to why we wont go out again until after we have a roof rack. ;)


  1. If I had only known...I sold my kayak, paddles, life jackets, and car rack on Craigs List.

  2. haha, but didn't you sell it several years ago? I remember you bragging about your sudden surplus of drinking money. ;)