Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hide and Seek with Motivation



I got a new scale finally. The good news is after a vacation and a week of feeling sickly and craving comfort food... I didn't gain any weight. Bad news? Didn't lose any either.

So now that I'm feeling better, why is it so hard to get back into the swing of things? It's obvious that working out benefits me. So why do my legs feel like sandbags when I try to get up and head to the gym?

I'm a goals person. In college I used to make lists of things that needed to be completed and enjoyed crossing them off with an "I so kick ass" comment. So with my motivation lacking, I looked at my list. Run a 5k this fall. Well... even though it is still in the 90s, the calender says it is almost fall. If I want to cross the 5k off my list and exclaim "I so kick ass" (with the newly added fist pump of joy), I need to get working on that.

So I logged on to runnersworld.com and looked up races and training plans. A few of the races were too soon, but Raleigh has two 5k Turkey Trot races right around Thanksgiving. With the weather being in the 60s by then, it looks like that would be the perfect race. I also checked up a few beginning training plans, and turns out I've kind of been doing them. Honestly, as a beginner, I am fine with walking when I don't think I can run anymore. What makes me happy is that I am able to do a little bit more every time I try.

So with a training program in mind, I hit the gym yesterday. The sandbag feeling was still there, but I forced my butt into my car and headed out. As I started my workout, I felt like crap. I didn't want to move and just felt unmotivated. I kept at it though. Oddly enough, halfway through the workout I didn't feel so bad anymore. I was sweating like crazy and felt workout gross, but I didn't feel like I couldn't continue. I felt strong, and soon I felt great. I was able to run more than I have been running and as a bonus, my body didn't hurt!

Gotta love endorphins. The provided motivation and I even ended the workout with an "I so kick ass double fist pump."


  1. Do they have a turkey trot on Thanksgiving? I try to do the Saratoga one each year that way when dinner rolls around I feel so elated from my morning race that I do not eat as much, and I feel I can cheat more since I ran the race. Also, I say go ahead sign up and pay. You will be more motivated to train if you already paid to run! Enjoy :)

  2. They do have one on Thanksgiving and one on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. I would like to run the one ON Thanksgiving, but I'm not 100% sure what our plans our. Once I know if we are in town or not, the money will be paid. :-P