Sunday, February 3, 2013


Isn't that a lovely title?

Not exactly the up-and-hugs-sunshine-out-of-my-ass post I've been writing.


Because this is real.

I had a horrendous week diet and exercise wise.  I worked out Monday.  Tuesday - today nothing.  Diet wise?  Three horrific days of caving into to my weakness:  Sweets.

It started out innocent enough.   A piece of cake to celebrate a friends birthday.  Missing a water zumba class to help out a friend.  Then another birthday.  Then I missed my run.

Then it spiraled.  Bad choices that left me hungry, which caused me to make more bad choices.  A general yicky, tiredness that caused me to stay on the couch.  I realize now how easy it is to slip back into old habits.

I can only hope that I stay where I am now, and not gain anything.

Granted this was technically part of last week and part of this week, but I don't think on Wednesday it will matter what part of the week it was.

Tomorrow I start fresh and get back on track.  I've already made my lunch for work.  Picked out my breakfast.  Packed my bag for water zumba tonight.

I'm ready to not let this week defeat me.

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  1. Life is about getting back on the horse. I started this week and it has been rough, but when I looked myself in the mirror this morning @ 4:30AM, I said to myself that all the days I have been a jackass about my weight is why I have to get in the truck right now and not go back to bed.