Saturday, October 16, 2010

Healthy Life vs Real Life...

and how to make them equal.

Dusting off the blogging cobwebs. ;) I just completed my second week of teaching middle school ESL. :) It feels good to be in the classroom again, but I'm a exhausted. I fell asleep at 9pm last night and woke up at 9am this morning. I don't think it would have been as bad had I not gone to Savannah last weekend for a pirate festival. :-D

Now that I have a weekend to relax, it's all about me, ME, ME!

My new job has thrown a monkey wrench into my healthy living makeover. As an unemployed graduate student (aka bum), heading to the gym was easy because I could go at anytime. Now I wake up at 5:30am and drive 40 minutes to work. At the end of the day I am tired and then I have more work to do as well. With a cushy couch, working out was not a high priority.

I've learned a few things that are helping me. :)

1.) If I bring a change of clothes with me, I am more likely to head straight to the gym after work and work out. Stopping at home is the kiss of death for my motivation.

2.) Making lunch the night before means I will have a healthy lunch waiting for me at work. In the morning I am too groggy to focus on taking food to work with me.

3.) I invested in low sodium, low fat healthy choice soups and keep them in my desk. That way if I do have an evening where I forget to make a meal, I have a healthy alternative to french fries and chicken patties.

4.) Breakfast to go means I'll eat breakfast. I have a 40 minute drive and it is nice for me to listen to the morning radio show, drink my coffee, and eat car friendly food. By car friendly, I mean an apple or banana. A breakfast bar. A whole grain plain bagel. This way I am still eating breakfast and able to sleep in a few more minutes.

One of the nice things about co-teaching is that I am forced to move. Granted I am not running marathons, but I am constantly on my feet moving back and forth through out the classrooms that I teach in. I can actually feel slight soreness in my quads and butt. :-p

I am optimistic that as I get use to my new schedule, my energy level will rise. :)

Now for my lazy weekend??? Well... it is time for the State Fair. :-D Deep fried Oreo anyone?

Dave and I will hopefully hit up the fair next weekend and I am looking forward to it. Everyone is talking about the fair down here and you can't help but get excited listening to the buzz. With today being sunny and cool, I'm thinking we are going to look at some downtown condos and hit up the farmers market before going kayaking this evening. Got to love a North Carolina fall. :)


  1. Hey...what happened to the posts? I want updates!

  2. How did the condo search turn out?-Matt

  3. We loved the condos but they ended up being auctioned for higher than what we were willing to pay. We would love living downtown and being in walking distance to all the bars, but if we don't have money to enjoy it... we would rather stay where we are for a little while longer.

    The condo building *did* call us today though... Turns out that now the auction is over they are selling their other properties. Convenient... don't you think? ;)