Sunday, August 8, 2010

Why Blog?

Why on earth would I blog about trying to lose weight?

The main reason for starting this blog is to give myself some accountability. I've tried to lose weight for years. Unfortunately, every time I loss weight, I would gain it back plus some! I am pretty much the poster child for yo-yo dieter.

Then I turned 29. Yes, I know 29 is really not that old, but a few health scares popped up on my radar. A few years back they discovered that I had high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I lost some weight and the cholesterol went down, but the BP didn't. Now I am on BP medication. Then I was diagnosed with PCOS. Along with possibility of never being able to conceive naturally, I found out I was insulin resistance. The disease makes it difficult for me to lose weight, and it promotes the disgusting belly fat that has caused a few people to congratulate me on my pregnancy. If that wasn't bad enough, a few more tests showed that for a 29-year-old, my health age was the same as a 52-year-old.

So I asked myself... with all the health issues in my family (diabetes and heart disease just to name a few)... how do I want to start my 30s?

I know that 100 pounds in one year is pretty ambitious. Since I am trying to do this the healthy way by exercising and eating right, I am not going to be sad if I don't make the goal by my birthday. However, if I actually stick to the plan and not lose anything... tantrums will be thrown!

Right now I plan to write down my goals and share any tidbits, recipes, and advice for others attempting to do the same thing. Hopefully I can be an inspiration to those facing the same health scares as me.

In order to keep myself on track, I plan on listing weekly goals. They will be small things to keep myself motivated and to start actually BEING healthier. I also plan to eventually post my weight and how much weight I lost. I say eventually because until I actually start losing a few pounds I refuse to actually admit how much I weigh! :-P

On the exercise front, my wonderful boyfriend purchased me a yearlong gym membership for my birthday (it was what I asked for ;) ). On the food front, I have been researching yummy recipes and taking advantage of the Raleigh Farmer's Market as well as making trips to Trader Joes for food I can't seem to find at our local Kroger's. If something I make actually TASTES good and is healthy, I'll be sure to post the recipe on here.

Of course I am not a doctor. I'm not even currently employed! Please remember that my blogging is more for me to keep track of me and that what I chose to do may not be the best option for me or anyone else.

I tend to write how I talk, so be prepared for run-on sentences, ramblings, out of no where topics, and many grammatical errors. If there was one thing I learned in my linguistics's class is that language, dialects, and grammar are constantly changing. Perhaps I am creating a new language as I type. Ponder that fools!


  1. Kelly,
    I started this journey in March. Too many health scares (not limited to the possibility of a second blown Achilles) among other things.

    Something that has really helped me with the workouts is I log every work out that I do and it tracks your total mileage over as long as you want. It also keeps me motivated because I see what I did the week/month before and am motivated to at least be in the same ballpark, if not kick it up.

    Since mid-June when I found the site, I have biked or jogged almost 400 miles. It also has "friends" on it, so feel free to look for me with Gmail account. I just was friended for the first time today (twice, actually) and I don't know either person. They just found a post of mine they liked. One from Saratoga, one from North Caroline, funny enough!

    Good luck, kiddo. Maybe we will both run the OBX Marathon in November of 2011!

  2. Thanks Pete! You looked great when I saw you last month. :) I like the thought of the marathon and hope you join me in your home town race in July!