Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekly weigh in and goals for the new week

Current Weight: Still too high to admit to the world ;)

Weight Loss Total From Last Week: 3 pounds

Total Weight loss: 6 pounds :)

Goals for the Week:

1.) Only look at the scale on Weigh In day

2.) Add water aerobics into the weekly routine

3.) Add some healthy carbohydrates into my diet

4.) Build on last weeks goals (especially the breakfast goal!)

1.) The scale goal is a biggy for me. I became obsessed last week, checking the scale sometimes multiple times during the day. In the end I lost weight, but of course weight fluctuates through out the day and it drove me insane. So today after my weigh in, I removed the scale from my bathroom and promised myself I would only check in on Mondays. I don't want that kind of pressure on myself. I need to just trust that what I am doing is helping me and will show itself on Monday.

2.) For those of you who don't know, I hurt my back last January. Raleigh's winter was apparently "THE WORST WINTER IN 30 YEARS." For those of you up in Ohio and New York, you could imagine my amusement when 3 inches of snow shut down the city for a week. Schools actually had to make up their snow days on Saturdays!!!!!! Anyway, the colder than normal temps made for some slick stairs and walking down a step one slippery January morning caused my legs to fly out from underneath me and my back came crashing down on the ONE step needed to get down from Dave's porch. The pain was unbelievable. I ended up having a bruise that went across my lower back and looked like someone came up from behind me and hit me with a 2x4! Thanks to not having health insurance, I stumbled on home and curled up in bed in an attempt to sleep it off for 3 days. Not one of my brighter moves. 2 months later I was in urgent care with an infection and the poor person's value card allowed for me to get free xrays with my drs appointment. Taking that into consideration, the doctor convinced me to get xrays to see if I actually fracture something. Xrays didn't show any fractures but the doctor suggested that one of the first things I should treat myself to when I do once again have health insurance is an MRI.


With my back still being sore and uncomfortable at times, strength training can be a beee-otch. Enter water aerobics (or team orca as my friend Jon likes to refer to it as ;) ). Thanks to my college swim coach's wife, my opinion of water aerobics changed drastically in one afternoon. I'm hoping that the water aerobic class can help build up my core in a friendlier way than sit-ups can.

Sidenote: to those concerned that I may be making my back worse, I did talk with a doctor and trainer and it has been suggested that strengthening those muscles can help elevate pain over the long run.

3.) Those who say that all carbs are bad are full of crap. For those of us with blood sugar issues, good carbs are important in a healthy diet. According to my food chart from last week, I seriously lacked in good crabs. With my deck garden being overrun with fresh basil (3 types, how Italian am I!), I make a mean pesto sauce. I am going to make an effort to pick up some whole grain pasta as well as experiment with a lentil soup recipe (yes, only I would make and eat hot soup when the temperature is in the high 90s).

4.) I don't make these goals to forget about them after a week! :) Here's to building on last week's success!!!!!


  1. I can't stop laughing at "I seriously lacked in good crabs!"

  2. HAHAHAHA! Just for that I'm not fixing it

    Thanks for ruining my happy moment by making fun of my typos! ;)

  3. Bad crabs, boo! No bad crabs here!

  4. just kidding :- keep up the blogs! I need something to read while drinking my morning coffee