Sunday, August 15, 2010

Recovery and Reflection

Sunday is my lazy day. After going to the gym for 6 days straight, my body needs a day to heal. It gives me a chance to sleep in, to putz around the house, run some errands, or maybe go on a adventure.

After running out to the Great Outdoor Provision Company to drool over kayaks that Dave claims he is close to buying ;), we went out and found some coconut oil and coconut milk to try and make the super healthy no bakes. We also found some whole wheat graham crackers as I attempt to make a lowfat blueberry tart for Dave. At some point I'm going to have to share a blog entry about the Raleigh's Farmer Market and how it is one of my favorite things about living here in North Carolina.

Looking back at my weekly mini goals... I didn't do too bad! :) I went to both of the weekly BodyJam class and enjoyed the upbeat hour of cardio. According to the exercise page, Body jam burns close to 500 calories a class! I'm planning on keeping it in my weekly routine since it fits in nicely with my fall class schedule as well.

As far as keeping a food journal, I have to thank my friends Jessica, Sarah, and Cheryl for giving me some online tips. I ended up going with Cheryl's suggestion of since it was easy to track food and exercise. I like the graphs it creates, lol. I feel all scientific and mathematically nerdy! My only concern with tracking everything is that I am becoming a little obsessed. I have a new goal for next week to take my mind of the numbers game.

The breakfast goal was good for the most part. I mean, every morning I ate something, but it wasn't as consistent as I could be. On the days were I would only scarf down a banana, I would be starving and miserable later. Lesson learned, breakfast DOES make a difference!!

As for the weekly calorie count? My tracker is already set to help me lose 2 pounds a week. I was under my calorie count every day this week. I had an extra 2269 of calories I could have eaten! :-P As for exercise? According to the tracker, in order to lose 2 pounds a week I need to do 150 minutes of exercise and burn at least 1290 calories. I managed to exercise for 337 minutes and burn 2904 calories. :) Hopefully the scale will be friendly with me tomorrow!


  1. Good breakfast ideas:
    * Banana with natural peanut butter (simple, quick, and delicious)
    * Green monster smoothies ( - I swear they are absolutely delicious. Plus Dave will think you're a bad@ss when he sees you drinking them! Everyone I introduce them to absolutely love them.
    * Overnight oats (Go to and search for Overnight oats. She has them on there all the time and they are AMAZING! Again, super easy and fast and delicious.)

  2. thanks for the breakfast ideas as well as the larabars recipe! I played around with them tonight and they are delish! :)

  3. oh so I get it, you ate 2000 less than even your diet to lose 2 pounds calories. I see, and good for your to see also because if you eat too little your body can go into starvation and it will hold on to every calorie and you won't lose! It is a delicate balance but I am sure you will find what is right for you! sounds like you are still on track! When school starts might be smart for you to buy some snack bars to throw in your backpack in case you get hungry or run late. I like Kashi, natural and lots of fiber. Larabars are definitely tasty also and hold you over. Enjoy your last bit of vacation before school starts. We got our first day paper the other day, I almost cried!

  4. oooohhhhhh... the first day paper! LOL What is this year's theme? A group hug a day keeps the admins away?

    My fear right now is that when classes start next week my gungho gym high will vanish. During my summer nightmare class it actually helped me to read while riding the stationary bike, so hopefully I can convince myself to keep that up!

    Snacks will be important LOL. 3 hour long classes just make me want to go to the bar and stuff my face with beer and cheesefries! :)