Monday, January 9, 2012

Breaking the Chains and Living Free

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It is that time of year where we make a bunch of resolutions. This year I am choosing to make promises instead. Here we go:

I promise to pla
y more. To run around outside, play with puppies, laugh like a middle schooler, and be silly.

I promise to love. Enjo
y my family and friends and enjoy the ride as I prepare to marry my best friend.

I promise to tr
y new things in the kitchen. Homemade meals with spices instead of salt and play with new creations for both of us to enjoy.

I promise not to focus on the scale. I promise to continue to eat health
y and be active, but to not obsess over the numbers. By continuing to eat healthy and giving myself time to play, I need to trust in myself and my ability to live and love my happy (healthy) life. :)

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