Saturday, September 17, 2011

I'm not dead yet!


hat do you say on a blog you haven't updated for months?

Can I say I was really busy? How about really, really, busy?

Biggest news is that Dave and I are engaged and getting married in July. I am so happy even though I have flashing red lights saying DANGER! DANGER! BRIDES WEAR

No one wants to look like Miss Piggy on her wedding day!

Would a wedding be the only thing going on? Of course not! After a great job opportunity, Dave and I packed up and moved further south. We both moved, started new jobs, and found a new house that we currently are waiting to close on.

Me, I'm under pressure to continue living as healthy as I can. I feel like I need some motivation to get out of my "I'm tired" rut, so I am turning back to my blog in a hope to pump myself up. I even have blog post ideas like how Weight Watchers and AA are secret twins. One is just more badass than the other.

So for now I am working on working out. And avoiding chocolate.

PS Not sure why the font is all messed up!

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