Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Weekly Weigh In


I'm a day late on posting about the weekly weigh in. I'll explain why:

Yesterday I grabbed the scale. My shins were killing me, my back was sore... signs that I had been working out. I was still smiling about a successful run and a great Tom Petty concert from Saturday night. Surely being back on track meant a few pounds lost...


Seriously? How the heck did I GAIN a pound???

I've been working out like crazy, watching what I eat... COME ON!!!!! My whole body hurts. For example, the muscles over my RIBS hurt. If that isn't full body, I don't know what is.


It was hot again yesterday so I went to the gym to do my run. Unfortunately, at a half mile my my shins hurt so bad I couldn't run anymore. I ended up walking another half mile before giving up and going home. What was going on?????

So yesterday I was too mad and down on myself to post a blog. The point of this blog is to remain optimistic and motivational. Yesterday I couldn't do it.

So here we are today. After a night to sleep it off and a day focusing on my graduate class, I've calmed down. Yes, I am still disappointed. However, sitting around and whining about it doesn't help.

Time to look at what I am doing again. Maybe it was a fluke. Maybe my metabolism slowed down from my vacation. Maybe being a girl strikes again. Maybe, maybe, maybe...

Maybe I shouldn't make up excuses. Maybe I should except the bad week for what it was. All I can do is look at what I am doing, hit the gym, and try harder for next week.


  1. Hey! Don't let one pound throw you off. It could be many things (water retention, a full stomach, PMS, actual weight gain, etc.). This happens all the time and you just need to wait a week or two and see what the general trend is. Don't worry!

    As for your shins - are you running on treadmills a lot? Whenever you're running on the TM, make sure to set the incline at at LEAST 1%. Anything less than that is like constantly running downhill, which will do a number on your shins. Also, it could be that your shoes are old and need to be replaced - one of the best things you can do is go get fitted for shoes at a running store (not a chain store like Dicks or the like). It's free and can keep you from a lot of common running injuries.

    Now that I've mentioned the shoes, I'm going to totally contradict that. There's a whole other school of thought (Barefoot or minimalist running - which I'm starting to learn more about and really like) that states that your regular running shoes are actually what is CAUSING all the problems people experience from running. What it really comes down to is your running form. Read "Born to Run." It talks about all that throughout the book and is super interesting to boot.

    Go Kelly!

  2. keep your chin up and in the game! Weight is crazy and I understand how it can be frustrating, but like your other friend said, it could be a million things causing that 1 pound gain(even if you didn't poop!) Its a journey, good for you to take your time with it. It will come for you. Know, if nothing else, you are getting healthier even if you are not seeing a change on the scale.

    PS have you considered going to the doc about those shins or asking a trainer at the gym to watch your form on the treadmill? Seems they have been killing you too long

  3. @geonerd: thanks for the book recommendation! :) It's on my book list now.

    @Jessica: Unfortunately the trainers are expensive and I still have no health insurance. However... if all goes well this Friday a Dr's appointment will the first thing I treat myself too! :-D